The Copperloc Advantage

By "Apollo" Valves August 15, 2017

Despite the obvious benefits of push fittings, many plumbers and technicians are still hesitant to use them. Things that are fast and easy often come with a sacrifice elsewhere. Fortunately, there’s a pure copper push fitting that is also non-removable.

We’re talking about EPC Copperloc, by "Apollo" Flow Controls of course. Like other push fittings, Copperloc saves time and effort compared to flux and solder work. Make a quick go of small repairs or turn massive commercial plumbing projects into a day’s work. Best of all, you can do it with made in America copper fittings that really don’t leak.

If you’ve been waiting for a push fitting that you can trust behind walls, here it is.

Push Fittings You Can Use Behind a Wall? Yes, Really!

Copperloc push fittings are non-removable, making them approved for use behind walls without access panels. That’s the main reason that some people say they still try to avoid push fittings—because they’re afraid of using them behind walls.

With Copperloc, you can use them for any location during new construction, rough-in plumbing, and other situations where you need a non-removable fitting, but also want the speed and ease of using push fittings.

Copperloc Push Fittings Also Work with PEX and CPVC

Many homeowners and plumbers do not want to mix plastic fittings into their copper plumbing. With more than a dozen types to choose from, you can complete most any project with Copperloc fittings to maintain an all-copper system.

Joining copper to PEX or CPVC? Want a reliable push fitting to join other materials? Count on Copperloc to convert, adapt, or connect all kinds of pipes, including potable water lines, commercial plumbing, industrial HVAC, fan coil units, and more.

USA-Made Push Fittings with a 50-Year Warranty

We firmly stand behind Copperloc with a 50-year warranty. It doesn’t get any more trustworthy than this.

EPC Copperloc push fittings are made in America by “Apollo” Flow Controls a leader in flow control systems since 1928. Expect the best quality manufacturing for every part, every time. Copperloc fittings are pure copper with an easy push-to-connect system that we know has been built to last.

We understand that you need to look your clients in the eye and promise them their push fittings will last decades or longer without leaks or loosening. Copperloc gives you a long warranty and a fully non-removable push fitting option for enclosed walls. In places where you might prefer to solder but would like to enjoy the benefits of using push fittings, you can make Copperloc your new go-to fitting.

Ready to try out tool-free plumbing with reliable performance? Look at the Copperloc lineup of push fittings for copper, PEX, and CPVC.

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