TECTITE, our most popular product line, is a full line of 1/4” - 2” lead free push fittings. CopperLoc, our permanent push fittings, are also lead free and offered in 1/2” - 1”.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce lost time on jobs.
  • Use in wet installation.
  • Reduce repair interruption time.
  • Removable Lead Free brass fittings in size 1/4" to 2".
  • No special installation tools required.
  • Quick and easy, removable and reusable installation.
  • Ideal for service and repair, even on wet lines.
  • EPDM O-ring for leak free seals.
  • Pre-lubricated for quick installation.
  • Potable water and hydronic installation.
  • 50 year warranty.


Potable water, hot water and chilled water systems. such as manufactured joints and behind walls without access panels. *Further details on pressure code compliance and warranty available on our website.

product specifications

TECTITE™ fittings and valves are pressure rated at 200 psi (13.8 bar) over a temperature range of 0° to 250°F (-18° to 121°C) with various liquids and gases.

TECTITE™ hoses are pressure rated at 125 psi over a temperature range of 0˚-150˚F

TECTITE™ fittings are manufactured with an EPDM o-ring seal, a Nylon guide ring and a 316 Stainless Steel grab ring.

Contact our Technical Representatives for application specific information.